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Stewarding the use of vegetation management products ensures satisfactory results, protection of desirable species, the public, and the environment. Dow AgroSciences places a high priority on stewardship and proudly train over 700 applicators and manager annually on using our products. If you ever have questions, please contact your nearest IVMexpert

Steps for Successful Herbicide Tank Mixing
Tank-mixing herbicides ensures proper control of key weeds and can provide multi-mode of action (MMOA) control for mitigating herbicide resistance. Brush up on these best practices to ensure a seamless tank mixing process this spring.
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Small Sprayer Calibration - Instructions
Prior to calibrating your sprayer, ensure that your equipment is in good working order. Inspect screens and filters to ensure that they are not plugged. Check that nozzles are clean and in good working condition with a steady flow of water and even spray pattern.
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Milestone, Clearview, and Sightline Use Around Trees
It is important to understand product precautions prior to making applications in areas where desirable trees are present. Please reference the Milestone, ClearView and Sightline Use Around Trees fact sheet for additional information on recommended buffers. Read More

Hay, Manure, and Soil Management
If forage and/or vegetation must be removed from a treated area following an application of Dow AgroSciences vegetation management products, please reference the “Hay, Manure and Soil Management fact sheet” for additional information.
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Individual Winner – David Spata; Canadian Pacific Railway
In 2012, Dave was a strong partner in a Dow AgroSciences stewardship initiative. Dave works hands on with contractors, and contributes his time to vegetation management associations as a board member and industry member across Canada. His commitment to new technology has been key to improving efficiency and effectiveness of CP Rail’s vegetation management program.

Organizational Winner – Nova Scotia Power
Nova Scotia Power’s sustainable approach to managing vegetation on their rights-of-ways has helped increase the programs effectiveness and positive working relationships with land owners. The use of GIS technology has helped with the tracking, mapping and scheduling of maintenance, helping managers make better decisions. Their integrated program and forward thinking approach has extended the time between maintenance cycles. More information on Nova Scotia Power’s vegetation management program will be featured in Dow AgroSciences upcoming Access publication.