Why Use VP480?

Reliable. Trusted non-selective control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in non-cropland areas.

Service. Glyphosate fully supported by Dow AgroSciences.

Fast Acting. Quick rate of plant absorption (30 minutes) for premium grass and weed control

Tank Mix convenience. Can be used in combination with Sightline™, ClearView™ and Milestone™ for bare ground applications.


• Annual broadleaf weeds

• Annual grasses

• Perennial broadleaved weeds

• Perennial grasses and sedges

Rates and Packaging

  • VP480 is packaged in 2x10L jugs
  • Refer to the product label for specific rates

When to Apply

  • Apply to target weeds when they are actively growing
  • Unemerged plants will not be controlled with VP480 alone


  • 30 Minutes


  • VP480 can be tank mixed with Sightline, ClearView, OcTTain XL, or Milestone for applications where total vegetation control is required.

Optimizing Performance

  • Apply to actively growing weeds. Avoid applying to plants under stress.
  • Rainfall immediately after application may wash chemical off.
  • Heavy dust on weed leaves will reduce control
  • VP480 is compatible with isopropylamine formulations (IPA Salt) and dimethylamine formulations (DMA Salt). It is not advised to tank mix VP480 with potassium formulations of glyphosate (K+ Salt) in the spray tank.
  • Use clean water for spray solution, as organic matter binds to the active ingredient, reducing efficacy. Do not use water from open bodies of water.

Legal Requirements
Always read the product label before making applications