Why Use Milestone™?

  • Invasive Weed Control. Controls a wide range of invasive broadleaf weeds.
  • Highly Selective. Effective control on the labelled weeds, while being safe to grasses and other desirable plants
  • Tank Mixes. Use alone or tank mix with 2,4-D to broaden the spectrum control. Tank mix with VP480, Torpedo, Arsenal, or Esplanade for bareground
  • Low Use Rates. Less product needed for effective control.


• Absinth wormwood
• Canada fleabane
• Canadian goldenrod*
• Canada thistle
• Clover
• Common ragweed
• Common tansy*
• Common yarrow*
• Cudweed
• Curly dock
• Dandelion*
• Diffuse knapweed*1
• Fireweed
• Horsenettle
• Japanese Knotweed
• Perennial sow thistle
• Plumeless thistle
• Prickly lettuce
• Purple loosetrife
• Musk or nodding thistle
• Orange Hawkweed
• Ox-eye daisy2
• Scentless chamomile
• Spotted knapweed
• Tall buttercup
• Yellow star thistle3
• Western ragweed

1 Diffuse knapweed: Apply to plants in the bolting stage of development.
2 Oxeye daisy: Apply to plants in the prebud stages of development.
3 Yellow star thistle: Apply to plants at the rosette through to bolting growth stage.

Rates and Packaging

  • One case treats 40 ha or 100 ac at the highest labelled rate
    • 2x10L jugs per case
  • For best results, apply Milestone at 0.5 L/ha.
  • Water Volume:
    • Broadcast Applications: Apply in a minimum of 200L/ha total solution
    • Individual Plant Applications: 5mL of Milestone in 10L of water. Thoroughly wet, but not to the point of runoff.

When to Apply

  • Apply to target weeds and shrubs when they are actively growing
  • Only weeds and shrubs present at the time of application will be controlled
  • Apply to actively growing weeds, after emergence, prior to flowering.


  • 2 Hours

Tank Mixes

  • Registered tank mix with 2,4-D for enhanced spectrum of control.
  • Milestone at 0.5 L/ha tank mixed with 2,4-D will provide activity on the following additional species:
    • Annual sow thistle
    • Bluebur
    • Blue lettuce
    • Burdock (<4 leaf)
    • Bull thistle
    • Buttercup
    • Cocklebur
    • Common plantain
    • Common tansy
    • Curled dock (< 4 leaf)
    • Dandelion
    • Flixweed
    • Goat’s beard
    • Gumweed
    • Hawkweed
    • Hoary cress
    • Peppergrass
    • Perennial sow thistle
    • Ragweeds
    • Stinging nettle
    • Sweet clover
    • Refer to product label for complete use directions.

Optimizing Performance

  • Apply to actively growing weeds and shrubs. Avoid applying to plants under stress.

Tree Safety

  • Milestone should NOT be used over-the-top of desirable trees
  • It should only be used up to the drip line (outermost edge of the tree canopy) of desirable trees.
  • Use additional caution around lateral root systems, shallow rooting species and those that propagate vegetatively through layering.



  • There is no restriction on livestock grazing treated areas.

Legal Requirements
Always read the product label before making applications