Lontrel™ 360

Why Use Lontrel™ 360?

  • Weed Control. Control of tough broadleaf weeds such as Canada Thistle.
  • Low Residual. Reduced persistence for use in areas requiring lower impact applications.
  • Selective. Controls undesirable species while still offering safety to grass and other desirable vegetation.

Controlled or Surpressed

Lontrel 360 is registered to control or suppress the following:

  • Alsike clover
  • Canada thistle
  • Vetch
  • Diffuse Knapweed
  • Scentless chamomile
  • Perennial sow thistle
  • Ox-eye daisy
  • Common groundsel
  • Common ragweed
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Spotted knapweed
  • Kudzu

Rates and Packaging

  • Lontrel 360 is packaged in 4x4.45L jugs
  • Apply between 0.42 to 0.83 L/ha depending on weeds present and level of Canada thistle control required. Refer to the Weeds Controlled table on the product label for appropriate application rate.
  • For best results, apply in 200L/ha total spray solution

When to Apply

  • Apply to target weeds when they are actively growing
  • Only weeds present at the time of application will be controlled


  • 4 Hours

Optimizing Performance

  • Apply to actively growing weeds. Avoid applying to plants under stress.
  • Applications of Lontrel 360 Herbicide should be made when Canada thistle, perennial sow-thistle and scentless chamomile are in the rosette to pre-bud stage of growth.
  • Best results are obtained when Canada thistle is actively growing and soil moisture is adequate for rapid growth.
  • Under dry soil conditions and poor growing conditions, control of Canada thistle may be severely reduced.


  • There are no grazing restrictions for livestock grazing treated areas

Legal Requirements
Always read the product label before making applications