Two active ingredients, one effective option for extended bareground control

Count on Torpedo™ herbicide for effective, long-lasting, pre-emergent control of tough grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds on railroads, roadsides and industrial sites.


Vegetation managers take note, Torpedo herbicide is the go-to solution for control of your toughest problem weeds. Through two active ingredients and a unique mode of action, Torpedo creates a barrier of residual weed control ideal for situations where bareground needs to stay bare.

Active ingredients from herbicide Groups 14 and 15 are combined into one granule to provide effective weed control in bareground applications. This powerful combination provides effective long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of problem and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Professionals struggle to control weeds that have developed resistance to commonly used herbicides, which makes Torpedo the idea tool to maintain trouble spots. Employing Torpedo’s two active ingredients with unique modes of action slows the development of herbicide resistance. The combination of Groups 14 and 15 makes Torpedo a great alternative to Esplanade®.

Torpedo controls resistant weeds including: Canada fleabane, Common ragweed, Eastern black nightshade, kochia and redroot pigweed.

Unlike post emergent products, Torpedo creates a layer of residual active ingredient in the soil that plants must grow through in order to be affected. When susceptible weeds hit the Torpedo layer in the soil, they will not emerge. Those that do emerge appear twisted and crinkled due to irregular growth and will stop growing.

And with multiple tank mix options, Torpedo and is an optimal tank mix partner for Dow AgroSciences vegetation management herbicides (including ClearView™, Milestone™, OcTTain™ XL and VP480™).

For added convenience, Torpedo offers a wide window of application, with pre and early post application timing for bareground and non-crop area. Plus, the benefit of low mobility with little risk of leaching or off-site movement.

Dow AgroSciences is pleased to offer Torpedo Herbicide to support effective vegetation management. For over 50 years, Dow AgroSciences has delivered leadership in vegetation management through innovative technology, industry support, educational tools and stewardship solutions. The IVM Experts are Dow AgroSciences’ global team of experts in vegetation management. We help mitigate risk for our customers, stand behind our products with customer solutions, and make supportable product claims that support your business.

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