A new Standard for Decidious Brush Control

Dow AgroSciences has been providing vegetation management professionals with safe, effective, and reliable vegetation management solutions for over 50 years.  We are committed to environmental stewardship, safety, and sustainable vegetation management practices.  We constantly strive to bring industry leading technology to the market, such as new active ingredients, improved formulations, and recently the tank-mix of Garlon XRT and Gateway Adjuvant.


Garlon XRT has been a reliable and trusted tool for professional vegetation management for years, delivering broad-spectrum control of deciduous trees and brush. Gateway Adjuvant is an innovative non-ionic, paraffinic oil blend surfactant. Research and commercial data proves that the addition of Gateway Adjuvant to Garlon XRT improves plant uptake, especially in challenging situations.


Two operational trials were completed on ATCO Transmission lines in 2015 and 2016, applied by Davey Tree Company prior to the registration of this tank mix.  The trials were applied by high volume hose and handgun, randomized, and compared to a check as well as competitive treatments.  The addition of Gateway Adjuvant to Garlon XRT consistently showed superior control on deciduous trees when compared to Garlon XRT alone and competitive treatments.  In fact, when trials were rated 12 and 24 months after application, areas treated with the Garlon XRT and Gateway Adjuvant as a tank mix, showed at minimum ten percent improved control on deciduous species.


Improved control is not the only benefit of choosing Garlon XRT and Gateway as your deciduous tree control tank mix.  The ability to apply to dripline of desirable trees is another benefit, which is critical in maintaining rights-of-ways adjacent to other desirable tree species.  Professional vegetation managers can confidently apply to the outer edge of desirable trees without risking potential root uptake and damage to those desirable trees. 


Another key benefit is how quickly desirable species such as forbs and wildflowers return to rights-of-ways post treatment.  The active ingredient in Garlon XRT and Gateway Adjuvant do not persist in the soil, therefore allowing desirable species to return to the right of way post-treatment much sooner than competitive alternatives.


Dow AgroSciences employs a team of IVM Experts who are available to answer questions, provide regulatory support, and technical expertise to help you achieve your vegetation management goals.  Whether it’s weeds, brush, trees or non-selective control you are looking to achieve, Dow AgroSciences IVM Experts have a total portfolio solution to fit your needs.


We are excited to bring you yet another innovation, Garlon XRT and Gateway tank mix; improving efficacy, allowing application to drip line of desirable trees, and the return of desirable species to the rights-of-way much sooner than most competitive alternatives.  To learn more about this innovative new tank mix or our other industrial vegetation management solutions please visit our website at www.ivmexperts.ca or call our Solutions Center at 1.800.667.3852.


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