Re-Entry Interval Update on ClearView and Sightline

Dow AgroSciences is committed to providing leading innovations and products to professional vegetation managers across Canada. We strive to deliver vegetation management solutions that are safe for workers and the environment.

Just in time for spring 2016, Dow AgroSciences is pleased to announce we have received final approval for improved re-entry intervals on the Clearview™ and Sightline™ labels.

This update provides worker safety assurance in areas where there is frequent activity. Both labels, which previously had 12 hour re-entry interval restrictions, are now updated to read the following:

    “For non-crop areas, do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas until sprays have dried.”

The safe and effective use of vegetation management herbicides is essential to controlling target weed and brush and ensuring environmental, wildlife and human safety.  From roadside and rail lines to utility-rights-of-way and bareground applications on oil and gas sites, this update will provide further safety assurance to applicators and other workers at these sites.



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