IVM Experts Stewardship Training Binder
Dow AgroSciences IVM Experts have a total portfolio solution to fit your needs.
A new Standard for Decidious Brush Control
We constantly strive to bring industry leading technology to the market, such as new active ingredients, improved formulations, and recently the tank-mix of Garlon XRT and Gateway Adjuvant.
Two active ingredients, one effective option for extended bareground control
Count on Torpedo™ herbicide for effective, long-lasting, pre-emergent control of tough grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds on railroads, roadsides and industrial sites.
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Dow AgroSciences IVM Experts have a total portfolio solution to fit your needs.
Steps for Successful Herbicide Tank Mixing
Tank-mixing herbicides ensures proper control of key weeds and can provide multi-mode of action (MMOA) control for mitigating herbicide resistance. Brush up on these best practices to ensure a seamless tank mixing process this spring.
Wait a year for accurate assessment of herbicide performance on brush
In the past, herbicide control on trees and brush was usually assessed after 30 days. If the leaves had died, it indicated the herbicide was effective. But assessing control after 30 days actually only confirms that the herbicide was applied well, not that it effectively controlled the brush and trees.
Kochia now even easier to battle with OcTTain XL
Vegetation managers have another tool in their battle against one of the most invasive weeds in Canada – kochia. OcTTain™XL is now approved to control kochia up to 50 cm in non-cropland areas by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
Sales and Service of Torpedo for bareground applications now handled by Dow AgroSciences
NuFarm Agriculture Inc and Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. recently announced a marketing collaboration on Torpedo Herbicide for the Canadian Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) market.
Vegetation Managers Have a New Herbicide Option for Weed Control
Vegetation managers who face problem broadleaf weeds have a new herbicide option for control. OcTTain™ XL is approved for use on industrial sites, railways, roadsides, rights-of-way and rangeland by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
Label Addition Provides Managers With Approved Toadflax and Leafy Spurge Control
Vegetation managers have a new option to control toadflax and leafy spurge on industrial sites, railways, roadsides and rights-of-way. The two new weeds have been added to the Aspect™ herbicide label with the approval of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
Re-Entry Interval Update on ClearView and Sightline
Just in time for Spring 2016, Dow AgroSciences is pleased to announce we have received final approval for improved Re-Entry Intervals on the Clearview and Sightline labels.
New Aspect Herbicide Now Registered
New Aspect™ herbicide brings the trusted and proven performance of Tordon™ 101 in an innovative formulation that re-establishes full freedom to operate.
Milestone Approved on EsplAnade Herbicide Label
Milestone™ herbicide in now approved as a labeled tank mix partner on the EsplAnade™ SC herbicide label. In combination with EsplAnade SC herbicide, Milestone will provide season long bare-ground control of many broadleaf and invasive weeds. This combination has been tested across Canada in research authorization trials and used extensively in the United States over the past two years.
ClearView Brush Now Approved
Professional rights of way managers now have a new tool for controlling hard to control woody species in Canada for 2014. ClearView Brush is a co-packaged product comprised of ClearView and Garlon XRT, two of Canada’s most trusted IVM solutions. ClearView Brush contains aminopyralid, Canada’s only reduced risk active ingredient registered for vegetation management.
New Invasive Weeds Added to ClearView and Sightline Labels
Vegetation managers have new options to help them control some challenging invasive plants in Canada. Twelve new weeds have been added to the ClearView™ and Sightline™ herbicide labels with the approval of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
ClearView Brush Now Approved
Milestone™ and ClearView™, containing Canada’s only reduced risk active ingredient, have both received updated label approvals. Many of the updates focus on stewardship and the improvement of warnings and safety statements.

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