Why Use Gateway™?

Innovative Technology. Gateway is an innovative paraffinic oil blend unique to Dow AgroSciences and non-ionic surfactants.

Flexibility. Gateway works well under a variety of environmental conditions from dry to moderately high humidity.

Bioequivalence. Gateway is bioequivalent to both non-ionic and silicone based surfactants when used with products for weed and brush control.

Performance. Gateway is designed to improve herbicide performance on difficult to control brush species in both foliar and single stem applications.

Rates and Packaging

  • Gateway is packaged in 4 X 4 L jugs
  • Use at 0.25 - 1.0% v/v (2.5 - 10 L Gateway Adjuvant/1000 L spray mixture)
  • Use the higher rate in adverse conditions, such as dense weed populations, late weed growth stages, poor environmental conditions or with certain multiple-product tank mixes
  • Refer to individual herbicide product labels for additional details on rate of use and mixing instructions

Tank Mixes

  • Gateway is recommended for use with the following Dow AgroSciences products:
    • ClearViewTM
    • ClearViewTMBrush
    • SughtlineTM
    • AspectTM
  • For additional products, see the Gateway label.