ClearView Herbicide
Why Use ClearView™?
  • The Standard. The golden standard for extended broadleaf weed and shrub control in vegetation management.
  • Flexibility. ClearView can be used alone or in combination with other products for bareground control.
  • Ease of Use. Formulated as a convenient water dispersible granule, reducing packaging and storage.


• Absinth wormwood
• Babysbreath
• Ball mustard
• Black henbane
• Bluebur
• Brown knapweed
• Buckbrush (western snowberry)
• Canada fleabane
• Canada goldenrod1
• Canada thistle
• Chickweed
• Clover (red, white)
• Common groundsel
• Common ragweed
• Corn spurry
• Cow cockle
• Cudweed
• Curly dock
• Dandelion
• Diffuse knapweed
• Field scabious
• Fireweed
• Flixweed
• Green smartweed
• Hemp-nettle
• Horary alyssum
• Horse-nettle
• Japanese knotweed
• Kochia2
• Lady’s-thumb
• Lamb’s-quarters1
• Musk thistle (nodding thistle)
• Narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard
• Orange hawkweed
• Ox-eye daisy (pre-bud)
• Perennial pepperweed
• Perennial sow thistle
• Plumeless thistle
• Prickly lettuce
• Prostrate pigweed
• Purple loosestrife
• Pussytoes
• Russian thistle2
• Scentless chamomile
• Shepherd’s-purse
• Spotted knapweed
• Stinkweed
• Stork’s-bill
• Sweet clover
• Tall buttercup
• Tansy
• Tartary buckwheat
• Volunteer alfalfa
• Volunteer canola3
• Western ragweed
• Wild buckwheat1
• Wild caraway
• Wild carrot
• Wild mustard
• Wild parsnip
• Wild rose
• Wild strawberry
• Yarrow1
• Yellow hawkweed
• Yellow star thistle
1 Suppression
2 Non ALS resistant biotypes.
3 All varieties except ALS resistant canola.

Rates and Packaging

• One case treats 16 ha or 40 ac. at the highest labelled rate
(2 x 1.84 kg containers per case).
• ClearView requires the addition of Gateway adjuvant
at 0.2% v/v.
• For best results, apply ClearView at 230 g/ha.
• Water volume:
– Broadcast: Apply in a minimum of 200 L/ha total solution.
– Individual plant: 2.3 g of ClearView, 20 mL of surfactant, in 10 L of water. Thoroughly wet, but not to the point of runoff.

When to Apply

  • Apply to target weeds and shrubs when they are actively growing
  • Only weeds and shrubs present at the time of application will be controlled
    • Weeds: Apply to actively growing weeds, after emergence, prior to flowering.
    • Shrubs: Apply to actively growing shrubs, after full leaf expansion, but prior to the development of a waxy cuticle on the leaf of the shrubs.


  • 2 Hours


• Labelled Tank Mixes: VP 480 and Arsenal
• Other tank mixes, such as OcTTain XL, Torpedo, and EsplAnde™, can be supported under the PMRA tank-mix policy. Please contact your Dow AgroSciences representative.

Mixing Instructions

1. Fill the spray tank ¾ full of clean water.
2. Add the required amount of ClearView herbicide with the
agitation running. Pre-slurrying with water may be necessary
where there is little or no agitation, or an injection system is
being used, or where herbicide is first added to a tank other
than the spray tank.
3. If tank mixing, add the required amount of tank mix partner
with the agitation running.
4. Add Gateway™ at 0.2% v/v or 2 L/1,000 L of spray solution.
5. Add antifoaming agent, if required.

Optimizing Performance

  • Apply to actively growing weeds and shrubs. Avoid applying to plants under stress.
  • Pre-slurrying ClearView is recommended.

Tree Safety

  • ClearView should NOT be used over-the-top of desirable trees
  • It should only be used up to the drip line (outermost edge of the tree canopy) of desirable trees
  • Use additional caution around lateral root systems, shallow rooting species and those that propagate vegetatively through layering.



  • There is no restriction on livestock grazing treated areas.