Dow AgroSciences vegetation management products are effective tools for selective control of invasive weeds, brush and trees for utility, roadside, rail and bareground vegetation programs. Our IVM Experts can assist you in making the right recommendation, and can offer technical support along the way.

The following products are registered for non-cropland and industrial uses only. Always read and understand the product label prior to making an application. For immediate technical assistance, call the Solutions Center at 1-800-667-3852.


New Aspect™ herbicide brings the trusted and proven performance of Tordon™ 101 in an innovative formulation that re-establishes full freedom to operate.

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The best broadleaf weed and shrub control in the market today, with built-in flexibility and convenience.

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Clearview™ Brush


A co-pack of ClearView and Garlon™ XRT, two of Canada’s most trusted IVM solutions.

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Garlon™ RTU


Selective control of trees in a ready-to-use formulation, with an innovative, environmental package.

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Garlon™ XRT


Effective control of trees and brush for professional utility, industrial and forestry site managers.

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An innovative new adjuvant for use with a variety of IVM products.

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Lontrel™ 360


Excellent control of Canada thistle and other broadleaf weeds in close proximity to most tree species.

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Superior, reduced-risk invasive plant and broadleaf weed control, with tank-mix flexibility.

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OcTTain XL™

New to IVM, OcTTain XL Provides economical, broadspectrum annual broadleaf weed control, including resistant and non-resistant Kochia.

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Set your sights higher, with the the best extended broadleaf weed and kochia control

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Tordon™ 101


For nearly 50 years, Tordon™ 101 has been trusted and proven to provide long lasting effective control of weeds, shrubs, and trees.

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Tordon™ 22K


The only product in Canada proven to control leafy spurge and toadflax.

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Vantage™ XRT


High performance, non-selective vegetation control specifically for industrial vegetation management uses.

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